Thursday, April 9, 2015

Downtown Afternoon

Yesterday was the Brand Launching of Pofeleve !
Pofeleve is a local brand that were created to complete the needs of curvy women in Indonesia.
With its simplicity on their design yet so decent and chic.

What i'm wearing on this picture is " Coco Tweed Blazer " in black color.
fell in love with the tweed at a snap! what's not to?
it has the perfect fitting, texture and style <3

I'm so glad that there are many local brands that meets the need of curvy woman nowadays.

So, Congratulation for the brand launching once again,

Renee Tan


  1. On behalf of pofeleve.. I would like to thank you for writing this beautiful review and really appreciate your support ... the Coco tweed blazer look very beautiful on you...thank you so much