Thursday, September 22, 2016

Shape My Brows | Review Sulam Alis

An on-fleek Eyebrow is now every girl's must have! Don't you agree?
We can not leave home without our eyebrows on point nowadays.
As for me, my natural eyebrow hair and shape is so unattractive so i used to draw my eyebrow every single day and i have to re-shape or do threading every now and then to maintain it shape.
There are days where i can draw my eyebrow on point, but there are more days that i have to draw it over and over just to get the right shape :( true story! 

So after a while i finally decided to do an eyebrow embroidery!
I always wanted a natural looking eyebrow that doesn't imply the embroidery,
Then i found the perfect place that matches my style, @Shapemybrows by Nicky Septiani.
I love love love love love how she did my eyebrow :) exaggerating needed!

The Certification from Korea.

So here is a full review on my routine changing experience !

I did my 1st appointment for the eyebrow embroidery on May 12th.
First things first she asked me what shape do i want and what embroidery techniques and color that i want for my eyebrow, it's important to have a good consultation with the beautician first!

Here is what my natural eyebrow looks like

Right after it, she then draw the shape of my eyebrow as consulted before.
It might takes a few work but the shaping is important and she did it meticulously as i wanted,
I believe that on this stage, we have to be satisfied with the finish shape that the beautician drew because it will affect the end result.

And then comes the embroidery part, i've given an anaesthesy cream and i have to wait for it to work for about half an hour, then it numbs my eyebrow while later being embroidered.

The process is exceptionally faster that i thought it would be, after the consultation we agreed on the Fushion brow which is done by 6D and gradation shading, so basically 6D techniques is the one that gave the stroke affect on the eyebrow and the gradation shading is the one that fills the shade of the eyebrow also it gave color gradient.
This process only took half and hour and that's all!

My first looking eyebrow embroidery

Day 1
*Please note that for 2 weeks the newly embroidered eyebrow can not get wet* but only for 2 weeks tho :)

Day 6
During the peel off stages, it felt a little bit itchy but worry not because i've been given a cream that can sooth the itchiness. On this stage my eyebrow is started to peeled off by itself and i shouldn't scratch or rub it, but it' didn't look as bad as i think it would tho.

Week 4

After 3 weeks i decided to strengthen the shape and the color of my eyebrow with an eyebrow pencil when i'm about to go out.
Then i did my eyebrow embroidery retouching on July, it usually takes 1-2 months after the 1st appointment.

Day 1 after retouching 

i'm satisfied with the end result of the embroidery, it ended up just like i want it.
Now i don't have to worry when i have to put my make up off!

xoxo, Renee Tan

Contacts & Location:

Line id | nickyniq
Whatsapp | 08158831926
Instagram @Shapemybrows
Jakarta, Pantai Indah Kapuk

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