Friday, November 8, 2013

Volare S/S2013 Collection by iReneelove

Volare clothing line was established by me and my other 2 friends from Lasalle College Jakarta at 2012.

For this very first collection, we decided to bring printed floral pattern in 2 different shades, Lavender and Turquoise.
Although we had stopped the production we still available for any purchase request depending on the stockist.

To own a clothing line has been my dream since..(God knows when) :p 
But there was a time that i don't feel a hundred percent sure about it.
I realize sometimes our dreams may got blurry or even lost as time goes by, but i think we have to encourage ourselves to live a life we have dream for.

In this moment i made a challenge for myself to try and persue my dreams and share the story to all of you!


  1. this is a very nice collection!oh my your friends are really talented!! it's so nice! i hope your dream come true!

  2. I' falling in love with the 3rd picture, so cool!