Monday, June 15, 2015

My Up close & Personal Story

So, I guess it's time for an up close and personal story of how i started what i do and about my blogging journey.
Well, to start a blog is one thing, but to maintain it is one thing.
I already had a blog since 2012 but it stopped for a while because i was busy at my college and has to start to work immediately.
But this blog thingy just started when i met a fellow fashion bloggers at my office and by the end of 2014 my fashion blogs has officially started.

I have been a curvy girl since i was a kid, so i know how it feels to not being confident at all about my size and my body.
I know exactly how it feels to have a different treat from people around me, sad but true :(

I'm not saying that i do not try to have a healthier lifestyle and just stick my sour attitude towards others and think that i don't have to change myself for the better.
Still i am now struggling to have an ideal body.

Someone once asked me, " How do you want to be known to people?"
i said, " I want to be an inspiration, I want to inspire people!"
And little did i know, there are this endorsement, there are this modeling, and there are some of my followers that commented about my pictures that how i've become their inspiration.

So, Thanks to ootindo who has been featuring me a couple of times, Thanks for all the plussize shops that has trusted for their branding so that now people know that they can inspire other just by being true to who they really are.

I really believe, that we all can be an inspiration to someone else no matter how or when.
Don't wait for your conditions to change *in my case, i don't let my body size dragging my dreams away*

Just do what you love the most and be sincere with it!

Renee Tan

*This is not a paid promote but i really am so grateful for the featured by ootdindo*


  1. Great posting! You inspire me through this post :)) Curvy isn't the limit

  2. Hi! I'm following you on instagram and i do love your confident, it inspires me! Is that okay if someday i send you an email to share about living as plus-size woman to complete my assignment? I have a plan to write about fashion and plus-size woman in Indonesia as my thesis for (hopefully) next year and since i follow you and i adore your style, i want to know more about your experience.

    Thank you :)

    1. Hi Fikrianna,

      Thank you for your support!
      sure, please do send me emails and ask me anything or share your stories, i would love to help your thesis!
      you can find my email address on my instagram bio :)

      Renee Tan

  3. I saw u in ootdindo (so thank you to ootdindo). Tbh u inspire me, so much. I'm a curvy girl also, and since I found you, you make me think that being a curvy girl doesn't mean that we can't look gorgeous ;)

  4. thank you for your kind words,, :)