Thursday, December 17, 2015

Time to Shine with Marina Smooth & Glow UV! [ Review ]

I had good news for you girls!
Marina has launched their newest Basic Make Up product Marina, Smooth & Glow UV last Tuesday
Stay tune to see my review <3

Here are some pictures from the Product Launching Event.

This is what i wore on the event launching, the dress code was Pink & Silver

Top from J.crew
Skirt from Zara
Heeled sandals from Forever21
Bag from New Look

So, i got a loveliest gift box including the 4 products of Marina, Smooth & Glow UV from the event launching
and i'm gonna spill you my reviews.

The Four products are Two Way Cake, Compact Powder, BB Cream dan Powdery Foundation. This product series enriched with natural microfine powder, * vitamin c, mulberry and spf 20 pa + + that makes our skin face looked smooth, enlighten and protected so that it can shines naturally.

Foundation is one of the most important thing you should notice if you want to have a flawless make up look. So, i take my foundation routine seriously.

First things first, i tried the BB Cream and apply it evenly onto my face, at first it will look like a bit thick for a BB cream and  make your face color slightly darker, but give it a 10-15 minutes leave on your face and Voila! the BB cream will blend naturally with you skin face.

I personally think the BB Cream has a high coverage effect on my skin, oh! and i love the smell of it. the first time applying it, i love how the BB Cream has a sweet fragrance <3

The next step, i applied the Two-way Cake Powder on top of my BB Cream, it gave the matte effect on my skin at first but then it helped my make up to stay compact ,smooth and last longer.

This is what the BB Cream and the Two-way Cake Powder looks like on my face after 30 minutes after finishing my other make up.

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the products especially with the BB Cream and the Two-Way Cake Powder , it makes my skin smooth and bright and also it lasts flawlessly for almost 8 hours!

But take notice that with these high coverage foundation products, a proper cleansing is a must!!

So, that's all my review for Marina, Smooth & Glow UV  wajah cerah, halus, terlindungi untuk tampil bersinar!

Find out more about Marina here :

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