Friday, January 15, 2016

Hats Up!

One of my on-the-go items that i usually carry is a Hat !
Oh! and don't forget to wear em on your OOTD to elevate your total look.

i love wearing hat so much, because not only it'll make you stand out among the others, it'll also make you look more stylish :p

Here are some tips and tricks on how to pull off on-the-trend hats.

1. Brim Hat

Brim hat is one of the most seen hat on every blogger's OOTD,
Yup! because of its large brim, this type of hat usually fit to just every shape of faces. 
There are many types of brim hats with the variety of the brims wide itself, i got mine from My Boyfie as my Christmas Present, but you can get this hat on H&M :)

2.  Beanie Hat

Beanie is on the trend nowadays, though i'm actually are not really a typical beanie kinda girl
So i chose to buy a light pink beanie from Forever21 
When wearing beanie, i prefer to fold it a little around my head and Swag it ! it actually works for my face shape, which is a heart shape and a little chubby ;)

3. Bowler Hat

Bowler hat is also a pretty easy hat to pull off with, the tips on choosing one is first you have to try it on, choose the one that fits your head right, not too wide though and also wear it a bit diagonally positioned to the back of your head and show your pretty bangs! it's important to place your bangs correctly when wearing a hat :)

This one is also form Forever21

4. Beret Hat

As you guys see on my previous blog, i have been obsessing over beret hat.
It'll likely be on the scene on my more and upcoming OOTD :)
My trick on wearing em is to pull it a little to the side, i prefer to pull it align with the direction of my bangs.
i got this black one from Pomelo

My number 1 tips on how to pull off hats is to always takes care of your hair :)
even though i'm planning on to wear hat that day, i always wash and styled my hair beforehand, So that the hat can be a complementary accessories that elevate my looks, but the real diamond is your HAIR, babyy!!!

Renee Tan


  1. eventho' i'm wearing hijab, sometimes i also put hat on my ootd. i like all kind of hat, especially brim hat. nice post!