Saturday, November 5, 2016

3 ways to rock the Shirt Dress!

Holla, i'm back in the blog with my 3ways styling tips!
This time i'm styling a shirt dress into 3 ways

I got this oh-so-versatile shirt dress from

and here is my first look on the shirt dress

For the 1st look, i'm wearing this shirt dress as a semi outer, i put on my basic black inner which  from H&M and i add a statement chocker.

Now for the 2nd look, i add some swirl by pairing it with a short pleated skirt.
oh! by the way i love that this shirt dress has 2 pockets on the side, when function meets fashion :)

And for my 3rd look, i got some inspiration from instagram to do this skirt look with a shirt dress.
Just have it buttoned halfway around your waist, tucked in the rest of it and finally tie a knot with it's sleeve, voila! you have a skirt now.

ps: use a pin to secure the knot ;)

So, that's all my 3 ways look on how to style a shirt dress!
Hope you all got some inspiration to try it and share to me if you have any questions or if you want to ask how to style something :)


Renee Tan

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